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 Drink Right Drink Right   Arrow
Ideas to promote water
Info about sugar-sweetened beverages
Limiting sports drinks
Milk and 100% juice
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Quick physical activity breaks
Indoor space ideas
Outdoor space ideas
Limited space ideas
Limited or no equipment needed
Non-competitive games
Ideas for children with disabilities
Limiting screen time
Physical activity facts
Equipment, apparel, footwear, and programs
 Snack Smart Snack Smart   Arrow
Healthy snack ideas
Quick snacks
Low-cost snacks
Cooking activities
Federal reimbursement for snacks
Celebrations and events
Nutrition facts
  Other Topics  Arrow
Budget-friendly tips
Building parent support
Staff training
Creating policies
Lesson plans

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Younger than 5
5 - 7 years
8 - 12 years
Older than 12 years
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Program Staff/Volunteers
School Staff
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